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Posted by on Jan 15, 2017 in Dating, Love, News, PlayTime, Relationships, Sex, What We Do | 0 comments

The London Corporate Man And His Escort

The London Corporate Man And His Escort

James was exhausted after his long day in meetings. He wanted to go see the city and explore everything that it had to offer but he had something else on his mind. He loved London but he was having a bit of loneliness that just would not go away. He didn’t want to venture out on the street and pick up a girl because he feared for his safety. He decided that he would look up the local escort service.

James was excited to have the company of a lady for the evening to cure his restless mood. He called the best London escorts agency and they told him that they were sending someone right over. It wasn’t long before she arrived at his hotel room. He let her in and they introduced themselves. She said her name was Lucy and he offered her a drink. He went on the explain how he was in town for business and did not feel like leaving his room that evening and preferred to seek action from the safety of his hotel room. She smiled slyly and told him that she thought she could help him with his needs.

She was young and attractive and dressed nicely as though she was going out for an office party. She took great pains to have her makeup done to perfection as well as perfectly manicured nails and coiffed hair.

She looked well to do and spoke as though she was quite educated. James was glad that he decided not to go find a woman in the city randomly. You never know what you will get and they could be a criminal. He knew that by calling a reputable escort service that he would be getting a lady that would professional and friendly.

They had a great time over their cocktails and when the time seemed right she moved over to him and began to undress him. Before he knew it, their clothes were laying on a pile on the floor and they were having a fulfilling sexual experience. It was everything that he had hoped for and there were no complications or problems. When the encounter was over he was very pleased and knew that he had created a night to remember in London. When she was finally dressed, she handed him her card and told him to call her anytime he happened to be bored and in town. He knew that he would be calling her again.

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