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Is it true that are capital cities are making us more aggressive – Angel escorts

I have been working for Angel escorts for the last two years as an expert in domination. During that time an increasing amount of gents have started to come to see. Many of them say that they feel aggressive and angry, and would like to control their aggression. I find that really interesting and I keep wondering why we are seeing such an increase in aggressive behavior.


It is not only gents who seem to have a problem with aggression. The other day I was reading an online article about aggression and it seems to be creeping down in the ages. More young people are becoming aggressive and may even threaten adults in their lives such as teachers. When I went to school nobody would dream of threatening a teacher with aggressive behavior. Learning how to control aggressive behavior is one of the things you must do as a dominatrix working for Angel escorts from


If you like, my type of aggression is a very calm aggression. Some of the other dominatrix girls that I have worked with in another places than Angel escorts, practice a very aggressive type of domination. They raise their voices and shout, but I would not dream of doing anything like that. Most of the time I am very calm. You can be menacing in a very quiet way as well and I think that a lot of my dates find that even more frightening. A little scare can often help somebody to control his or her aggression.


Before I got into domination with Angel escorts, I used to be a very aggressive person. A lot of that has changed and I now feel calmer about myself. That is one of the main reasons why I will never raise my voice at somebody the agency. I am worried that will bring out the old bad person in me. It is so much better being able to control your aggression. You create a much better session for the date and you can conserve your energy at the same time.


It goes without saying that I meet some gents at Angel escorts would like me to very aggressive towards them. Sometimes you can help it and you have to let go. If you are new to domination and ask your dominatrix to be aggressive towards you, it is important that you realize that it can be a very dangerous way to play. Calm aggression is much more fun and safer at the same time. That being said, there are some gents who really like to let go. They simply do not enjoy a domination session without some very serious aggression. When a date is looking for something like that, I make sure that I tell them what can go wrong and that you can get too carried away with game play.

Staying safe is important to both the gent and the domination expert. Ending up with bruises that you can’t explain may not be that nice.

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