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Posted by on Jun 26, 2021 in Dating, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Some Facts on Prostitution

For the purpose of this discussion only, I would like to refer to the early providers of sexual services as prostitutes and for the modern day as escorts.  Although some would contest and claim that prostitutes and escorts are totally different from the other I would just like to point out some highlights of this industry in the history.  But before I continue, I am sure everyone will agree that both prostitute and escort alike receive payments from their services rendered.


The laws governing prostitution/escorts vary from country to country and the reason why they vary because every culture adapts there standards and attitudes.  In the ancient times concubines fall under the category of prostitutes.  They live in same dwelling as wives and receive the same benefits that the legal wife is receiving.  More so, they are accepted and their status is known.  The closest equivalent of this today is the mistress however, the mistress lives in a separate residence, has no legal rights and has no same benefits with the wife and the relationship is kept secret. According to Debden escorts of


In Greece, boys and girls engage in prostitution are called porn.  There are also some similarities in prostitutes of ancient Greece, Japan and India.  They are usually influential women who are known for their company and beauty who charge extra ordinary amount for their services.  In ancient Rome most prostitutes are slaves or those who were found guilty of a crime are turned into prostitutes. The Geisha in Japan are known for their professional entertainment.  They are trained to have skills in music and dance, social graces and are often have high intellect and are catered to the wealthiest and most powerful.  And because they are highly regarded, they can select from the suitors for the right price and sex is only incidental.


In the middle-ages in Europe, the intimate companion of royalties is called the favourite.  Later in the 19th century, France and United Kingdom started the controversy in the legalization of prostitution. The reason being is to prevent the sexual diseases from spreading.  If they legalized it, the government will be able to monitor the health conditions of prostitutes.  The government will know who are the carriers of the disease and can either cure it or stop them from engaging in any sexual intercourse.


As the industry continues to evolve, up to this very moment, some still considers some of its activities as illegal.


In London, this business is thriving and you can find the escorts almost anywhere.  The Watford escorts, contribute to a good number of professional escorts and also escorts for couples are also being introduced and available in in some locality.  The Debden escorts website can be a good source to set your early appointment.


The better we understand the background of escorts and prostitution, the more we will have a better perspective on how we view this profession.  Sometimes it is so frustrating that we utter our opinion on things we have no thorough knowledge. So in order not to look ignorant to the public on critical topics, find out more information before raising an issue or make harsh comments.

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